Murder Moon, Part 1, Page 22

So ends part 1. I’ve yet to decide if I’ll post more. I’d really have to see people being interested in order to do so. Truth be told, I think that being persuaded to give away your work for free is a great way to feed the Howling Pit, but not to build an audience. Lots of people tell me I’m wrong. I suspect it’s more a type of work given for free and shared that builds an audience. Still, I’ve no problem giving away a sample.

As always, written by me, art by Luis Guragña.

If you’re so inclined, you can order the whole of MURDER MOON at the Highway 62 web store.

Next up will be the first chapter of THE THIRSTY, that being the sequel to MURDER MOON (but you can read them both separately just fine.)

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